File Attachment Downloading Issues in Yahoo

The email or electronic mail is the one of the advanced mode of communication. It's been a long time since Email services has been introduced; it has been improved a lot. Email became one of the most reliable and authentic way of communication. You can use mail for personal to professional communication and it delivers instantly.

We can send and receive emails to not only web browser, but we can get in on our mobile device and desktop app. The comfort of accessing email right from mobile phone or desktop is amazing. Email also provides us various options and file attachment is also one of those.

What is file attachment?

File attachment is a feature of email service which gives a freedom to share file, documents, pictures, audio file, video file or any other file for reference. This gives clear communication for your email.

Issue with file attachment?

There would be no issue with file attachments while uploading or downloading until you follow these tips. This will avoid you to face any such issue.

For uploading

  • Limit the size of your attachments
  • Don't send attachments to e-mail lists
  • File name shouldn't be suspicious for server
  • Avoid sending file with extension as .bat or .jar
  • If you need to send the same document multiple times, change the name each time

For downloading

  • Do not open an attachment if you don't know what it is
  • Clean up your attachments regularly
  • Attachment Types and Extensions those are suspicious should avoid


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